May 12, 2021

SpenDebt Accelerates in Mastercard Start Path Program

Houston, TX – SpenDebt has announced its participation in Mastercard Start Path, an award-winning global fintech engagement program. SpenDebt is amongst six scaling startups chosen to join the highly selective Program to co-innovate the future of payment technology and scale solutions.

Spendebt will work alongside the global enterprise to leverage Mastercard technology, expertise and resources to scale their businesses. The SaaS payment solution is a frictionless way for consumers to automate their debt repayments through a predefined micropayment deducted at every transaction.  

“Being accepted into Mastercard’s Start Path Program is another worthy milestone; bringing our financial technology solution to enterprise markets, including utility companies, telecommunications, health care/medical billing, to partner with them to collect payments,” said, Kiley Summers, Co-Founder & CEO.

To date, the company has helped consumers pay off student loans, auto loans and credit cards; and is eager to expand solution offerings through its participation in the Start Path Program.

“As the fintech landscape evolves at an unprecedented speed, Mastercard provides the infrastructure and assets to help fintech innovators grow and ultimately bring more people into the digital economy,” said Amy Neale, Senior Vice President, Fintech & Enablers. “Through Mastercard Start Path, we’re partnering with SpenDebt on their path to scale and providing the technology, expertise and resources to help drive a more inclusive economy.”

Co-founders, Kiley and Ty’Lisha Summers, launched Spendebt after overcoming more than $100,000 in consumer debt, setting them on a journey to help other individuals become debt free – SpenDebt was born. The SpenDebt team is excited to be a part of the Mastercard Start Path program and look forward to tapping into the global innovation ecosystem to establish key partnerships that will take SpenDebt to the next level! 

SpenDebt – Spend Away Your Debt


About Mastercard Start Path 

Start Path is Mastercard’s award-winning startup engagement program that brings together a network of innovators from across the globe to shape the future of commerce together. Startups benefit from the knowledge of a global network of Mastercard experts, technologies and channels. Banks and merchants gain access to a global portfolio of elite startups to accelerate commercial products and solutions through collaboration. With more than 250 startups in the network since its founding in 2014, Start Path companies have gone on to raise more than $3 billion in post-program capital.

Mastercard Start Path Program Announcement

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