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When your customers pay with SpenDebt, they'll never miss a payment again.

Businesses lose 7% in profits each year due to missed payments. SpenDebt's simple SaaS payment solution enables bill payment through predefined micropayments that are added to every banking transaction, so customers literally pay you back as they spend, improving their own financial health as well as yours. That's good for business and great for customers.

Understand the real costs of missed payments.

Why SpenDebt?

Three reasons why it pays to use SpenDebt.

“Micropayments from SpenDebt can be a game changer - We're delighted to provide information to parents so they can pay child support in an automated way using SpenDebt's micropayment platform. They can set their own predefined micropayment amount, breaking the payment down into smaller, manageable amounts that are added to their everyday transactions, so they can pay on time. It's such a simple solution that benefits everyone, including the state agency, families and communities.”

John Ginwright

Missouri Family Support Division Deputy Director

Recoup lost profits and keep happy customers

the demo Most customers don't want to miss a payment or pay late. SpenDebt Micropayments automate payments so they don’t have to - providing an intervention step for businesses who want to avoid account delinquency. This saves not only the losses from the debt itself but also the costs to collect - saving you money and saving your customers from bad credit scores.

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Increase the Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers

By helping customers never miss a payment, SpenDebt Micropayments increase the LTV by enabling them to continue to be customers - from a position of good financial health and stability. Micropayments are also a unique, value-add benefit for attracting new customers.

Bill Execute

Build better relationships

By helping your customers pay down as they spend, you’re showing them you care. SpenDebt Micropayments create stronger relationships between customers, businesses and the wider community - relationships based on care, compassion, and trust.

Partners & Supporters

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Master Card
Capital One

The Opportunity

Helping customers stay above water, particularly for services they rely on the most, unlocks benefits not only for businesses and customers, but their communities. Here's what no more missed payments means.

30 Million Americans

Roughly one out of every 10 Americans has at least one account in collections - and each account costs the business 15-50% of the amount owed to collect.

Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit, Fed. Reserve Bank of N.Y., Aug 2021.

20% Recovery Rate

Collection agencies are only able to recoup $0.20 for every $1 in money owed, and were paid $18.6 billion in 2021 by businesses for their work.

The State of Debt Collection 2020, CallMiner, 2018.

60% Report Late Payments

Businesses often receive late payments with 16% taking more than a month. But with automated payments, customers can reliably pay on time.

PYMNTS, 2021.

10% of Payments Lost

Approximately one out of every 10 payments owed to a small or medium-sized business are either never made or written off completely as a loss.

The Domino Effect: The Impact of Late Payments, Sage, 2019.

$14.56 Trillion

That's the amount of money that Americans collectively owe - and it has grown by 31% since 2013.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Microeconomic Data, 2021.

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Understanding the Costs of
Missed Payments

Learn how the costs of missed payments extend far beyond the payment itself, and how helping customers who are underwater can unlock long-term, win-win benefits for both you and your customers.

How SpenDebt is Good for
Business and Great for Customers

Your customers need never miss a payment again, in four simple steps:



Businesses enroll in SpenDebt and make the program available to their customers as a bill payment option.

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Using SpenDebt's payment option, customers set how much their micropayment adds per banking transaction, so they can pay off their balance as they spend.

Bill Execute


When the bill is due, SpenDebt pays you from the aggregated micropayments your customer has made that month from every banking transaction or debit card swipe - whether it's buying food, fueling up, or shopping online.

Earn Trophy


As the balance owed goes down, customer confidence - and business revenue - go up. It's a win:win!

Pricing Plans

Choose the right plan for your business. Talk to us about customized options.

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